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PalME secure Palm-based Money Exchange
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Beschreibung der Erfahrung
The aim of PalME (secure Palm-based Money Exchange) was to develop a secure electronic purse application for Palm pilot handhelds. PalME was launched as a student project consisting of 18 team members, including University advisors who acted as coaches and two employees from a major German bank we co-operated with. PalME ran for 3 months, amounting to an effort of altogether 630 person days.

During the PalME project, one iteration of the CC-based process from the planning phase until delivery and operation was passed through. At each time, the team had to fulfill the requirements of the process and to create the corresponding documents. For modelling and verification of critical parts of the system, we formal description techniques and model checking were used (supported by the graphical CASE tool AUTOFOCUS).

The PalME documents include requirements, design and test specifications, a CC-compliant security target, and a report of the formal security verification. For further information see here.
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